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Ladies, we hope the End Summer in Style challenge helped kick start your fall workout routine! It’s especially important to stay healthy during the approaching hectic and busy holiday season when you have little or no time to relax. We brainstormed a few simple tips to help you stay in shape this season:

1. Set goals and have a matching plan!: Your goals should be the basis of your plan. Register for classes at the studio at the beginning of every week to help you map out your most convenient workout times.

2. Everyone cheats… on their diet that is!: It’s bound to happen, you favorite seasonal meals always find a way to sneak into your next holiday party. Is there really a way to avoid them? Probably not, so enjoy a small taste of the things you like the most and limit your portions. Moderation is key!

3. Never forget to drink water!: Even though the weather is getting cooler and you might be less thirsty, it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated. Water gives you a sense of fullness and if you are properly hydrated you are less likely to overeat.

So what do you think?! Is there anything you are doing this upcoming holiday season to stay on top of your fitness game? We’d love to know!